Homes Under the Hammer’s Lucy Alexander in plea to Martin Roberts for Ukraine trip updates

Ukraine: TV presenter Martin Roberts heads to Polish border

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Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander have always had a famously warm relationship when presenting Homes Under The Hammer together, with Martin referring to Lucy as his “work wife”. Though she has since left her BBC role, she has been keen to show her support for him as he undertakes the risky journey to war-torn Ukraine.

[Feeling] trepidation [but]… I’ve got a job to do.

Martin Roberts

Taking to Twitter to wish him luck in view of her almost 40,000 followers, Lucy urged him to “keep us updated”, punctuating her feelings with an emoji of hands clasped together in prayer.

She also posted another emoji of the Ukrainian flag while her friend soldiered on.

Keen to help out by delivering essential supplies to Ukraine amid rising panic, Martin had volunteered to drive up to the border in a van.

The gruelling journey would involve travelling nearly 1,300 miles by road from his home in Britain while scenes of violence raged on in the country.

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Yet, brave Martin, who has been in tears over the situation in Ukraine, is clearly more than willing to take the risk.

He has been posting regular videos on Twitter to keep fans up to date with his progress.

The 58-year-old presenter, who has two children of his own, understood the urgency people had felt while trying to keep their families safe.

Over the weekend, he’d revealed the route he’d started on, recounting: “Took the ferry from Dover to Calais and onwards through France, Belgium and The Netherlands…heading for Germany.

“But I’m so tired I think I’ll have to stay overnight in a hotel and continue onwards to Poland early am.”

Martin had no choice but to complete the trip by road, especially as most airlines have ceased flights to and from the country.

This afternoon, he posted to tell followers he had finally arrived at a refugee centre in Medyka on the Poland/Ukraine border.

“So I’ve arrived at one of the coordination points in Medyka,” he told the camera.


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Pointing out its close proximity to the border, he added: “I guess this is one of the first places [refugees] come to.

“Here they can get some medical aid,” the clearly emotional star continued, filming amongst a mountain of bags strewn across the floor.

Martin struggled with the weight of what it all meant.

“It’s the little things that get you… one of the first things that you come across [in the reception area] is this huge pile of kids’ bags and toys that have been donated.

“The kids come in here and hopefully the first thing they do is pick up a little bag, and a few things like toiletry supplies,” he continued.

“We’re just waiting for the person we’re gonna be giving our medical supplies to… and then we’re gonna go onto some of the centres where we can drop off things ourselves.”

He explained that he was “filled with purpose”, despite feeling enormous “trepidation” at being just 20km away from the heat of the battle.

Bombs had dropped perilously close to where Martin was now standing, but he simply explained there was no option but to continue on his humanitarian mission, telling the world: “I’ve got a job to do.”

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