Holly Willoughby opens up on ‘intense’ relationship with husband Dan

Holly Willoughby, 41, although now famous as the face of This Morning, hosted a range of shows throughout her career including a variety of children’s shows on CITV and CBBC. It was when she was doing children’s TV that she met her husband Dan Baldwin, 48. In a new update, Holly recalled the day he arrived on set as her new producer.

Holly has rarely opened up about her personal life with her husband Dan, but in the spirit of “love” and with Valentine’s Day around the corner, the media personality decided to make an exception.

On her Wylde Moon Instagram page, the presenter encouraged her followers to share their own stories of love, how they met their partners and what love means to them.

Kicking things off with a short reel she shared on Wednesday evening, Holly appeared in a fluffy black jacket promising to tell her fans the story of “when Holly met Dan”.

She began: “We met while I was doing Saturday morning kids’ telly and he was the producer and I was the presenter.

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“I’d already been there around eight months I think, and then he came in as our new producer and we started this real intense friendship – it was mad actually.

“There were sort of two other guys that started at the same time, and we just became inseparable.”

Their friendship expanded far past work hours, as they would head to the pub and end up at each other’s hotel rooms after work.

Holly now dubs this crazy era her “university years”, despite not having attended university herself.

After a few months of “real intense friendship”, Dan and Holly found themselves in a bar together when Holly suddenly realised: “Oh my god, I fancy Dan Baldwin.”

With a cheery smile, she continued: “It took me by complete surprise, and then the rest is history.

“Looking back on it now I think what I was thinking was an intense friendship was probably me falling in love.”

Holly believes their friendship was “a really good basis for romance” and admitted she’s still friends with Dan even now that they’ve been married for 15 years.

She said: “We’re very happy and I’m very blessed every day for having him in my life.

“But underpinning all of that is that real friendship and laughter and just having good times together.

“I think it’s the real secret to keeping things how they are, which is lovely.”

Dan and Holly got married in 2007 and welcomed their first child, Harry James, two years later.

Since then, the couple have had two more children, Belle, 11, and Chester, eight.

Holly’s business venture, Wylde Moon, is the latest in a string of celebrities following Gwyneth Paltrow’s lead when she founded Goop.

The This Morning star launched Wylde Moon last year and the business now features extensive blogs, podcasts and messages from Holly concerning crystal healing, self-care guidance and reading recommendations.

Wylde Moon now also sells a range of wax melts, diffusers, perfumes and home fragrances.

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