Holly Willoughby ‘looking after her body and mind’ amid Phillip Schofield fall-out

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Holly Willoughby has spent the last week holidaying with her husband and three children at their £2 million second home in Portugal during her annual summer break from This Morning.

Her absence from the show is longer than her usual summer break, but it follows a rough few months in which the programme and its presenters were embroiled in scandal.

And an inside source has this week told OK! that the sun-soaked vacation has given the 42 year old the opportunity to recharge her batteries.

“Holly is getting to know herself as a woman, a wife and a mum again, as opposed to ‘Holly Willoughby from This Morning’,” they explained.

“She’s taking time for herself – looking after her body and her mind.”

Holly's longtime co-host Phillip Schofield, 61, stepped down from the ITV breakfast show at the end of May amid rumours of a feud between him and Holly, before he admitted to a fling with a former male colleague on This Morning, which he called “unwise but not illegal”.

He had kept the relationship a secret from Holly who, after learning of her friend’s deceit, famously told viewers – “You, me and all of us at This Morning gave our love and support to someone who was not telling the truth”. But she also came under fire with suggestions that she did in fact know about the relationship and that she should step down as well from the show.

But holding her head up high two months on, Holly appears to be putting the drama behind her.

She looked to be in good spirits, soaking up the sun and enjoying a dip in the ocean, while wearing a chic black swimsuit and shades, with her TV producer husband Dan Baldwin and their children Harry, 14, Belle, 12, and eight-year-old son Chester.

“Dan is grateful to see Holly properly smiling again,” our source added. “He’s loving her newfound confidence.”

Indeed the family getaway is said to have done the world of good for Holly and Dan.

“Holly has tunnel vision for Dan and their beautiful life together and, at the moment, nothing else matters apart from making memories,” our source claimed.

“They’ve not spent as much time together over the last decade as they have in the last few months. It’s like they’ve met for the first time.”

They added, “The drama on This Morning has proven that no matter how complicated careers become and no matter what the future holds for her on TV, the only people who matter are her husband and their kids."

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