Helena Bonham Carter says it was hard to stand up to Harvey Weinstein

Helena Bonham Carter never thought Harvey Weinstein‘s behavior would come back to haunt him because he was too powerful.

“I found the way he treated certain people chilling — without any kind of respect. There were many times I disagreed with the way he behaved, and I don’t mean sexually,” the 52-year-old actress told The Guardian in a new interview. “There were times when Harvey asked me to do certain things, and I said no. I knew I was running a thin line. Standing up to him wasn’t an easy thing to do because I knew I could potentially lose work.”

She explained that she was ultimately able to stand up to the disgraced producer because other people were willing to employ her and she wasn’t relying on him to make her career.

“The Crown” actress also said she knew he was having sex with actresses but “thought it was consensual.”

The bullying behavior Carter experienced from Weinstein wasn’t enough to stop her from working with him.

“It’s a business,” she explained.

During her interview with The Guardian, Carter also talked about working alongside Jeffrey Tambor, who’s been accused of sexual harassment, and Johnny Depp, who’s been accused by Amber Heard of being “verbally and physically abusive.”

“[Tambor] has such compassion, and I don’t believe that same heart would be capable of any kind of abuse,” she said, adding that their movie “55 Steps” may not have been bought by a studio because the allegations came out at the same time as the movie. “People might have thought: ‘Oh, we can’t touch it.’”

On Depp, whom she’s worked with on five films with her ex-husband Tim Burton, she says, “Johnny is still a friend. He’s the godfather to my children. I haven’t seen him for a long time. But he’s quite an elusive character.”

Despite sticking up for some of the men who have been accused over the past year, Carter says the #MeToo movement is a good thing, but warns, “You have to be absolutely rigorous about what somebody has done to stand up and accuse them. You have to honor #MeToo.”

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