Has Jacob Elordi Met Kaia Gerber’s Parents? This Reported Update Is Major

A day before his rumored ex Zendaya was snagging her first Emmy win, Jacob Elordi was reportedly with Kaia Gerber and her parents Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber on vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico. Per the Daily Mail, who released photos of Kaia and Jacob enjoying their beach vacay on Sept. 19, Elordi seemed "to be part of the family." But, uh, let’s just say there were some pictures of him and Kaia that didn’t exactly give brother-sister vibes. One reported picture, in particular, featured a smiling bikini-clad Kaia with her arms wrapped around Jacob as they chilled in what The Daily Mail described as an "outdoor spa." (Elite Daily reachd out to reps for both Elordi and Gerber for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

Apparently, there were also even more intimate moments that the Daily Mail photographers weren’t able to capture. Per an insider who reportedly spoke with E! News, Jacob and Jacob "have been hanging out at a beach club, where they were holding hands and making out." And they reportedly seem to be majorly enjoying this time together. "They look very happy together, always smiling and pulling each other in close" the source reportedly shared. "They seem very into each other and are having a good time." Additionally, the insider reportedly noted that "he is never not by her side and holding her close."

Now, obvi the fact that they were reportedly on vacation with her parents, leaves room for some questions re the claims they were pretty much involved in a non-stop PDA fest. Like, for example, were they getting this steamy in front of Kaia’s mom and dad? Apparently, yes.

"Kaia and Jacob swam to a corner of the pool and wrapped their arms around each other and kissed," the insider who reportedly spoke to E! News explained, before adding, "they are comfortable around Cindy and Rande, too and are not shy about showing affection."

The reason for their reported comfort might be that they’re apparently huge Jacob fans. Per the reported E! News source, "Cindy and Rande seem to really like Jacob. They have been having dinner together and always end up laughing," the source reportedly shared. "The four of them hang out, but they also spend time as couples alone."

While spending time with the family and going on a vacation together both tend to be signs things are getting serious, a source who reportedly spoke to E! News earlier this month made it clear Kaia is apparently intent on keeping things casual. The source also hinted at the time that Kaia’s parents might have already known Jacob.

"Jacob definitely has interest in dating Kaia, but there is nothing serious going on there," the source reportedly shared on Sept. 2. "They have many mutual friends and have hung out many times in the past. They both have very chill personalities and similar interests. Jacob makes Kaia laugh and her family adores him."

Kind of seems like Cindy and Rande already knew Jacob, right? So the vacay invite makes more sense, if you ask me.

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