Harry Styles Punches His Way to Fans’ Hearts

Harry Styles just gave another reason for fans to adore him. The 24-year-old One Direction member was photographed boxing during his 2018 tour this last summer. The pictures which were taken by Philip Macias were recently released online.

The images of Harry sending few punches incited some emotions amongst his fans, who think he looked hot in the pictures. In those images, Harry was seen wearing a white T-shirt with his name and tour details on it, paired with shorts. He also had the full boxing gloves on his hands.

The photos also started a Twitter trend which was pointed out by user @stylesscreature with a screenshot. The user said, ” ‘boxer harry’ is literally TRENDING ,,, that is the impact harry has when he’s boxing.”

Another fan described her own reason why these photos are exceptional. @pinkdaggers wrote, “harry is a soft fluffy delicate sweet little pudding but I swear when he’s boxing he turns into this absolutely steaming hot badass man I don’t even know.”

Right now, the video of him boxing hasn’t been released yet, but his fans are waiting for it to be released. “Waiting anxiously for Harry’s boxing training video,” wrote user @gucciwharrys.

Although his tour ended in July, he has important gigs waiting up for him in 2019. The “Kiwi” singer will be co-hosting the Met Gala in May along with Lady GaGa and Serena Williams. Fans are eager to see what Harry, GaGa and Serena wear to the upcoming event, which takes “Camp: Notes on Fashion” as the theme.

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