Harry Styles fans very confused over his ‘funny’ new accent in Apple Music interview

Fans of Harry Styles have been left puzzled after hearing the “new” accent he has in his interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music.

The 28 year old appeared in the newly-released discussion to promote his upcoming album Harry’s House, and seemed to show off a range accents during the hour-long chat.

Harry’s blended speech is understandable considering that he moved from Cheshire to London when he found fame in One Direction, before then relocating to the States, where he lives the majority of the time now with American girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

However, fans were still puzzled by his vocal tones, remarking that they seem "all over the place".

“Absolutely losing my mind over harry styles’ new accent this morning what on earth,” one person wrote.

A second follower tweeted: “Harry styles has such a funny accent bc he is so northern but says in EXTREMELY American.”

“Why is harry styles’ accent all over the place in that recent interview?” another fan questioned, as someone else also asked: “Wtf happened to Harry Styles’s accent?!?”

Comments surrounding Harry’s new twang follows recent confusion over former bandmateLiam Payne's accent.

Liam appeared to speak in a mesh of Welsh, American and even an Italian accent when he was interviewed after the Oscars this year.

The 28 year old was asked about the Will Smith slap at the ceremony when he gave his mixed-sounding speech — leaving viewers baffled as one commented: “Watching @GMB and what the hell has happened to Liam Payne’s accent?!

“He has an American twang but at times he sounds like he isn’t even English!”

Harry was later questioned about Liam's accent in a Capital Radio interview, and he also discussed his own trans-Atlantic speech.

“I think [my accent] is a bit all over the place because I’m from up North and I lived in London for 10 years. And I spent a lot of time in America and stuff,” the Watermelon Sugar singer said.

“When I’m with Americans I don’t think they think I sound American at all. And then I think when I’m with English people they expect me to sound American.

“I don’t think I do [have an American accent] but maybe I’ve picked up a couple of bits…but I try and translate with whoever I’m with.”

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