Harry ‘didn’t see William at Balmoral on night of Queen’s death’

While Prince Harry and Prince William recently surprised fans by reuniting alongside their wives as they met with mourners in the street, the two brothers were said to be far from friendly on the evening of the Queen’s death.

Several members of the Royal Family rushed to Scotland last week as it was announced that the late monarch has been placed under medical supervision, with Harry having arrived separately to his older brother William.

The likes of Charles, Camilla, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle all flocked to Balmoral – where the Queen was residing at the time – as well.

It was later announced that the 96 year monarch had passed away peacefully.

Following her death, it’s reported that Harry and William did not spend time with one another at Balmoral as the now-Prince of Wales and King Charles III went to Birkall, while Harry remained at Balmoral with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and Princess Anne.

“Two dinners were being hosted on the royal estate that night and there was a clear divide: One was for the new king and his heir, the other was for the rest of the family,” a source told MailOnline.

Harry had been due to speak at the Wellchild Awards in London the night of the Queen’s death, but dropped everything to travel to Scotland to be by her side.

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Sadly, it’s thought the Duke of Sussex arrived after the Queen died and the news of her passing was announced as his jet was still airborne.

While the two brothers didn’t come together the evening of the Queen’s death, they later put on a united front as the ‘Fab Four’ in public for the first time in over two years.

In the days since, it has been reported that the Prince of Wales was not acting on orders of King Charles in setting up the surprise reunion with his estranged brother and sister-in-law, but instead made the decision to reach out himself via text.

William and Kate were due to meet well-wishers and look at the floral tributes on Saturday afternoon, when William sent a message offering Meghan and Harry a last-minute invitation to join them.

In light of their reunion, it’s thought the pair may walk side-by-side for their grandmother’s funeral.

Discussing the potential for the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex to walk together at the Queen’s funeral, a source said: “We are certainly not in the same place as Philip’s funeral when William and Harry didn’t walk side by side.

“Things haven’t changed but it is not as intense and they can co-exist.

“But the flower visit really doesn’t change anything. It is the same situation as at Prince Philip’s funeral when William and Harry put their differences aside and supported each other and their families in that moment.”

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