Gwyneth Paltrow Hits Back At Claims That Goop Practices In Pseudoscience

Gwyneth Paltrow slammed critics of her company Goop, saying that she disagreed “wholeheartedly” with the pseudoscience claims in a recent interview with the BBC.

The actress is the CEO and founder of Goop, a lifestyle brand that provides advice on health, wellness, fashion, food, and travel. During her interview with BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt, the 46-year-old addressed the constant criticism aimed at her company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Paltrow said Goop’s emphasis was on alternative medicine and hit back at claims that it practiced in pseudoscience.

“We really believe that there are healing modalities that have existed thousands of years, and they challenge maybe a very conventional western doctor that might not believe necessarily in the healing powers of essential oils or any variety of acupuncture,” she said.

“Things that have been tried and tested for hundreds of years.”

She also added that the products Goop advertises are “very healthy to people” and that the human body holds an “incredible power” to heal itself.

“So I think any time you are trying to move the needles and you’re trying to empower women, you find resistance and we just think that’s part of what we do and we’re proud to do it,” Paltrow said.

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Goop has often faced criticism for promoting and selling treatments and products that lack a scientific basis and aren’t efficient nor recognized by western medicine as helpful – sometimes even branded as misleading or harmful.

Most recently, the company faced legal action for claims regarding the health benefits of their Jade Egg and Rose Quartz Egg — which Goop said when inserted into the vagina, increased “sexual energy and pleasure” — and their Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend, which was sold under the banner that it could help prevent depression.

Paltrow was hit with a lawsuit from 10 different counties in California which argued that these adverts were based on “unscientific claims,” as reported by People. Goop ended up paying a $145,000 settlement.

During her BBC interview, the Iron Man star denied any wrongdoing and said the company settled so they could put the case behind them and move on.

“We never had any customer complaints about it all, we didn’t have to admit any wrongdoing, but we just wanted to settle and put it behind us. Of course, as you learn and grow, especially if you’re a startup, you have to learn on the job sometimes,” she said.

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