Gwen Stefani Shares Never Before Seen Reaction to Blake Shelton's Proposal One Year Later

Apparently yesterday was a DAY for celebrity engagement news (hi, Kravis), because Gwen Stefani hopped on Instagram and shared never-before-seen videos and footage of Blake Shelton’s proposal—including her super sweet reaction to him getting down on one knee.

Gwen captioned the pics “one year ago today?! 🙏🏻October 17th 2020 we got engaged! @blakeshelton I love you! gx #how?🤔#backtothefuture #slowdown 🙈.”

What we have here is a video of Gwen showing off her ring and screaming “look we just got engaged!!!!” while Blake kisses her cheek, plus a photo of Gwen covering her face in surprise as Blake proposes, and an up-close video of her massive diamond ring:

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As a reminder, these two got married back in July in Oklahoma, and Gwen opened up about how special the day was during the Tell Me About It with Jade Iovine podcast, saying “It was literally the greatest moment… one of the greatest moments of my life, obviously. It was beyond what I thought it was gonna be. It was beyond dreamy. But I think the crazy part was it was just so unexpected in my life.”

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“I just feel so lucky,” she added. “One of those things you think about a lot in your life is you don’t know the future and you don’t know what’s gonna happen, but I feel like my spiritual journey has really guided me towards this place and this place of peace. Now I need to figure out how to do the rest of my life.” Oh, and she also opened up about Blake, saying “that man is the same guy you see, no matter who he’s with, what he’s doing. I look at him sleeping, and he’s the same guy. And he’s very real and consistent and genuine. It’s what is so attractive and why people love him so much.”

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