Greg James fears he’s committed ‘ancient crime’ after stealing log from Kensington Palace

Greg James on stealing a log from Buckingham Palace

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Greg James, 35, has admitted that his idea to covertly take home a surprising souvenir from his visit to Kensington Palace has left him feeling a bit concerned. The presenter revealed his cheeky antics during his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show this morning after taking the broadcaster’s Teen Heroes of 2021 to meet Prince William yesterday.

It comes after Greg was landed in hot water by Camila Cabello after daring her to steal a pencil from the palace on a previous occasion.

The Havana hitmaker said Greg “triple doggy dared” her to grab the pencil shortly before the pair met William and his wife Kate Middleton at Radio 1’s Teen Heroes of 2019 event.

However, the pencil incident, which promptly went viral at the time, didn’t deter Greg from pinching another item from the palace this week.

Detailing his plans to up the ante by taking a more bizarre object from the palace, Greg told his breakfast show listeners: “Another visit to the palace, another stolen item.

“This time I’ve gone larger, I’ve gone weirder, and it’s because I panicked and they’d taken all the pencils out of the room. 

“We were in the same room and I was looking for the writing desk and there was nothing to be seen.

“I was looking around and thinking, ‘there’s a few jugs, a couple of vases, some little photo frames, but that feels too criminal. What’s a funny thing?’ 

“There was old paintings, beautiful gold frames, there was a painting of the Duke of Albany, whoever that is, and I thought, ‘No leave him there, he looks happy on the wall’. 


“And as I was leaving, I noticed that by the fireplace in this very nice room at Kensington Palace, there was a big basket of logs, hundreds of logs ready to be burnt for Christmas, I guess – get the family round, get it all cosy.”

“So on my way out, I just panicked and took a log and then ran out.”

Greg explained he made the sneaky move after the Duke of Cambridge had left the room.

He joked: “It was after William had left, I’ve got some dignity! 

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“So then I popped it in a bag and walked out.”

Greg explained he then got a bit of a grilling from his wife Bella Mackie due to the unusual nature of the item when he brought it back home.

The Radio 1 DJ admitted: “It took some explaining when I got back to Bella, unpacking my bag and plonked a big log on the table, ‘Why is that? What are you doing?’ ‘That my dear is a royal wood and I got my hands on it!’ 

“I don’t know what to do next really. 

“I’m slightly worried it might be some sort of ancient crime I’ve committed where my hands get chopped off.

“But anything for the story, eh? So be it!”

Prince William, 39, welcomed teenagers and Radio 1 DJs Greg, Jordan North, and Vick Hope into his London home yesterday to congratulate the youngsters on their “selfless, brave and exceptional” actions.

Each year, Radio 1 selects their Teen Heroes to champion the achievements of kind teenagers who have proven their dedication to helping others.

The five Teen Heroes of 2021: Harry, Jake, Keah, Madison and Tom, appeared on Greg’s Radio 1 show last week before receiving an invite to the palace.

The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Greg James airs weekdays from 6am on BBC Radio 1.

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