'Gossip Girl' Star Ed Westwick Transforms Into Chuck Bass on TikTok

Three words, (more than eight letters), just say them and Ed Westwick will know you’ve watched Gossip Girl! The 33-year-old British actor who played sexy hotel heir Chuck Bass joined TikTok and decided to give Gossip Girl fans a treat with his first post. 

“TikTok, tell me you’ve watched Gossip Girl without actually telling me you’ve watched Gossip Girl. I’ll start,” Westwick began. 

The clip then switched to Westwick in a sharply tailored vest-and-tie look, proving he still looks just like Chuck. In an American accent, he then perfectly delivers, “I’m Chuck Bass,” one of his character’s more famous lines. 

Ed Westwick brings back his Gossip Girl character Chuck Bass for his TikTok debut. pic.twitter.com/KQFk9D1cvX

“I’m challenging you to stitch this video, use the hashtag #StitchEd so I can see your submissions and I’ll be reacting to some of my favourites,” Westwick captioned the post. 

Westwick posted a different video of the same challenge on Twitter, while walking outside.

Sharing this #StitchEd challenge we’ve come up with for my new @TikTok account. Head over to this link: https://t.co/1JKAB1ikZ9 to check out my page and tag @edwestwick & #StitchEd so I can react to some of my favourites xx pic.twitter.com/xNUk4izfoq

Gossip Girl ran for six seasons and co-starred Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Penn Badgley, and more. The popular franchise is getting a reboot for HBO Max, which isn’t set to feature the original cast.

Here’s what original stars Badgley and Chace Crawford think of the reboot:

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