Get to Know JHart with New Single ‘Why Does It Hurt’ & These 10 Fun Facts (Exclusive)

James Abrahart aka JHart is fresh from releasing his brand new single “Why Does It Hurt,” so we recently caught up with the talented rising star to learn more about him!

The GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum artist started out as a songwriter writing hits for artists spanning multiple genres, including Justin Bieber, Keith Urban, Usher, Kygo, Rita Ora, and Camila Cabello – and now he’s preparing the release of his forthcoming debut project, Vol 1 – Songs From Therapy, due later this year.

JHart dropped his second single “Why Does It Hurt” and its accompanying music video on Friday (October 19). To celebrate, JJ is sharing these 10 Fun Facts that you probably don’t know about him. Check them out:

  • I grew up in London and Atlanta and have a bipolar accent that does what it wants.
  • 2. I’m borderline obsessed with Shania Twain… i’ve seen her live 5 times.
  • 3. I’ve broken 3 bones on my siblings birthdays, my family thinks subconsciously I hate not being the center of attention.
  • 4. I have 7 tattoos but might have 8 by the time this goes up. Im getting a paper plane on my right hand.
  • 5. I went to Savannah College of Art and Design for film but left after 2 years to pursue music.

J Hart‘s “Why Does It Hurt” is also available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes now!

Click inside to read the rest of the 10 Fun Facts from JHart…

  • 6. I was once robbed in a KFC drive through, but they didn’t take the chicken!
  • 7. I wrote my first “original” song over a Whitney Houston karaoke track.
  • 8. In 5th grade I had a birthday party where I put on a “stunt show” with my cousin with punching sound effects cued up and break away glass bottles, and invited my teachers. Ooof.
  • 9. My favorite word is Serendipity, also love the movie, despite my disdain for rom-coms.
  • 10. My second favorite word is c**t!
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