Fred Armisen Opens Up About His Approach to Uncle Fester in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’

Fred Armisen is portraying one of the many iconic characters in the new Netflix series Wednesday!

The Saturday Night Live and Portlandia actor portrays Uncle Fester in the series, alongside Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams.

In a recent interview, he dished on his transformation into the character, who has also been played by Back to the Future‘s Christopher Lloyd in The Addams Family and Addams Family Values.

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“I do study that [and] going back to the original TV show as well,” he told ET about looking at Christopher and others’ portrayals. “Just to make sure there’s some sort of momentum all the way through. I just kept the tradition of what Fester is ’cause everyone added their own little version of it.”

“But it’s basically, there’s one set of rules for who Fester is, I think,” he added, “and I wanted to keep it at that.”

As for his actual, physical transformation…

“As soon as they did my fitting — we shot this in Romania but we did the fitting here in L.A. — and as soon as I put [on the] long, black coat, it’s something easy to take for granted,” Fred shared. “It had exactly the right look and getting into makeup — my head was already shaved — so we just put prosthetics over my eyebrows and made a sort of a pallor over all my skin. It was a little longer [than 20 minutes to put together] but not too bad.”


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