Frankie Grande Ariana Pete Split Message, Support After Breakup

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson dated for only a month before they decided to get engaged. Sure, their relationship moved extremely fast, but given the way they spoke about and looked at one another, it actually kind of seemed like the two were soulmates!

Well, fast forward to this past weekend and the couple officially broke up, calling off their engagement and everything. And, while some may argue that it isn’t that shocking due to the short amount of time they were together, others would argue that the “God Is a Woman” singer and the SNL comedian seemed SO in love that there was no end in sight.

Unfortunately, TMZ did, in fact, break the news that Pete and Ari are no more, and those who were as shook by the breakup as we were, took to social media to send Ari all their love during this difficult time.

It wasn’t only fans offering Ari their support, though; it was her family, too! Frankie Grande, AG’s older brother, took to his Instagram story to send his sis love from Iceland, where he’s currently on vacation. In the video message, he reminded the 25-year-old that, although he’s not physically there to comfort her at the moment, he supports her 100%.

The 35-year-old said, “Good morning to my beautiful, beautiful sister. I love you so much and you’re with me right now.”

Although Ariana wasn’t technically in Iceland with her bro, her hit song, “Breathin,’” was playing in the background of his video. And whether it was purposeful or not, it was actually pretty sweet! FJ then sang along to the tune, reminding his sister that, despite her highly publicized breakup and all of her other recent hardships, she needs to keep breathing.

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