Former YES Guitarist Trevor Rabin Shares New Single 'Big Mistakes'

Former YES guitarist Trevor Rabin recently shared “Big Mistakes,” the lead single from his upcoming solo album Rio.

“Big Mistakes, the first single on the album, is essentially about surviving my late teens/twenties, hence the lyric: ‘We played in the fire, we danced in the rain. Up all night we made Big Mistakes,'” says Rabin. “I should have called the song ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Alive.'”

Rabin plays multiple instruments on “Big Mistakes.”

Rio, Rabin’s first new vocal-led music for more than 30 years, is scheduled for release on October 6. It is available for preorder at

It comes a decade after the release of Rabin’s last solo album, Jacaranda.

“Over the past 10 years, I was having ideas, concepts that I couldn’t implement due to my busy schedule,” Rabin said in a press release. “To be honest, those years flew by in a flurry. I knew that this was the time, and once I found my momentum, I worked on the album 24/7.”

(Photo: Hristo Shindov)

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