Farrah Abraham: Uhhhh, Why Did She Just Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

Farrah Abraham recently admitted to a history of mental illness.

But the former Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram on Tuesday and made it clear to all of her followers:

She won’t be getting, or transmitting, a very different kind of illness in the future.

Yup. Farrah Abraham just got the COVID-19 vaccine.

“G.I Joe – Mom reporting for duty #covidvacccine complete woman who have compromised immune systems prioritize your #covid19 vaccine,” Abraham wrote on her page yesterday, adding several hashtags to her post.

They included:

#womanshistorymonth #health #safety #farrahabraham #parents #lucky #minority #minoritiesinmedicine #immunesystem.

Farrah’s 12-year-old daughter, Sophia, commented on the message and on the development with a series of clapping hand emoji on the post.

The thing is, while the more Americans who get vaccinated is most definitely for the better, Abraham is under some fire for both the way she shared this account — and also for the fact that she got vaccinated in the first place.

Some critics want to know exactly what health problem she has, considering almost no 29-year olds are eligible for the vaccine yet.

At least not unless they’re a teacher or a healthcare worker.

Abraham has worked as a reality star, an adult video cam star and a quasi Instagram influencer. We don’t think she qualifies based on her occupation.

Others, meanwhile, took Farrah to task for donning a lacey face mask and a spaghetti strap top to get the vaccine.

She also used a filter that elongated her eyelashes.

Abraham has even been accused of faking her medical condition.

“Girl, I feel conflicted about this.

Like, I actually have an immune system disorder that is untreatable and gives me no protection against respiratory stuff and I can’t get vaccinated,” one person wrote on Reddit.

“I don’t know if I really think she has a health issue that impacts her immune system because she definitely would have told everyone all about it in a super inappropriate way.”

Fair point.

In the early days of the pandemic, about a year ago, Abraham also garnered blowback when she said she was loving “coronavirus season.”

At the time, Abraham created a video where she had Sophia give tips about home schooling.

“Everything can be done from home and online, and I am super-pumped about that, because I am such a homebody, and I kinda love coronavirus season,” Farrah said back then, later clarifying her remarks to TooFab.

She said she’s simply “used to being at home and being around my daughter 24/7, adding: 

“Coronavirus season should only come once, and hopefully it’s gone soon.”

Abraham has also been an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, which has prompted plenty of criticism.

In this case, a number of social media users are appalled that someone who loudly was on the side of a President that very clearly ignored COVID-19 and whose actions have made the pandemic such a deadly disaster…

… now gets to essentially jump the line and get vaccinated earlier than almost everyone else her age.

Earlier this month, meanwhile, Abraham opened up about her past of Depression, even admitting she’s considered suicide.

“I just wanted to say, over the years, I’ve shared so much of my life when I have been deeply depressed, suicidal, probably mentally ill because of it,” the mother of one began about three weeks ago.

“And there’s so much that I’ve learned about myself through my teens to my 20s.”

Farrah proceeded to encourage others in this situation to go to therapy and get “support” however possible.

“It’s beautiful to take care of your mental health,” she added, making a lot of sense for a change.

“It’s beautiful to understand that emotions are healthy.”

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