Fans Rave About Netflix’s Archeology Movie ‘The Dig’ With Carey Mulligan & Ralph Fiennes

Netflix‘s new movie, The Dig, just premiered tonight and fans are praising the film on social media.

The movie centers on Edith Pretty, played by Carey Mulligan, a wealthy widow who’s raising a young son on a vast country estate. With World War II looming and the vast majority of England’s professional archeologists tasked with protecting and preserving Britain’s museums, she turns to Basil Brown (Ralph Fiennes), an amateur excavator to dig up the multiple mounds on her property.

While first thinking there was something from the Viking era, it was actually a burial ship from the 7th century, the Dark Ages of the Anglo-Saxons that would change much of what Britons knew about their own history.

Based on a true story, the dig uncovered the Sutton Hoo, which is rumored to have been the burial place of King Raedwald, the 7th Century Anglo-Saxon ruler of East Anglia.

“They’re not a natural pair and in fact, as you see at the beginning, it’s not an immediate connection,” Carey shared about the relationship between Edith and Basil. “But there’s a mutual respect there – a kinship and a meeting of minds that crosses the social divide.”

There’s also a scene in the movie which Ralph has described as his “Indiana Jones moment.”

“That’s the closest I’m going to get!” he shared. “But there was no real danger. I was actually more anxious about the scrabbling and the frantic hands close to my face – they were going to give me more injury than the weight of the earth.”

After the movie premiered, fans flocked to Twitter and Instagram, sharing their thoughts on the movie.

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