Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles divides opinion with cosmetic surgery rant

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Emmerdale’s Samantha Giles, who played Bernice Blackstock in the ITV soap, declared that desperate attempts to “turn back time” through surgical enhancements were “cheating”. She added in a passionate Twitter rant that her preference is for aging gracefully.

The 51-year-old actress, who boasts more than 62,000 followers, quizzed: “Why is there such an obsession with people trying to look young?”

She continued: “There’s nothing wrong with making the best of yourself, wearing makeup etc but having surgical procedures to try to turn back time, isn’t that cheating?

“Also what message is it giving to other women?”

She then returned to add: “In my opinion an ironed out face destroys the beauty of the character and experience you’ve picked up.

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“Let’s celebrate all ages as there’s beauty in 20 yr old skin and 40 and 60 and beyond!”

Fans instantly took to the comments section wondering whether her remarks had been inspired by the criticism Madonna had recently received.

Piers Morgan described the 64-year-old Material Girl as a “hot mess” in a recent rant, and argued she should stop trying to behave “like a sex kitten” in her mid 60s.

He received backlash for being “ageist” and “misogynistic” on Twitter, but stood firm over his views on her series of increasingly raunchy photoshoots.

The American Pie singer has also received attention for her very plump looking cheeks, leading some to accuse her of “overdoing the filler” and looking “unnatural”.

Photos were published online of her in her 20s when she appeared to have a slimmer looking face than she currently does, without any significant change in her body weight.

That sparked off claims that she is desperate to maintain the appearance of collagen-filled, ultra-youthful skin, but at the cost of seeming natural.

However, Samantha directly addressed the topic in one of her responses, insisting she hadn’t been prompted by the Madonna debate, but was “talking generally”.

@bluelivinlife hit back in defence of those who preferred to surgically treat the signs of aging, exclaiming: “It’s their choice. No one else’s.”

She added: “Haven’t you ever been scrutinised for your looks by the online mob who watch Emmerdale?”

Samantha delivered a personal reply, adding: “Of course. Everyone has an opinion and like I said that is mine.”

@steveredwolf took her point of view a step further, suggesting: “ALL cosmetic surgery should be banned as its eating up NHS resources needed for real medical problems.”

Other fans joined the debate to suggest that natural remedies such as diet, a skincare regime and being well hydrated were better alternatives to succumbing to a needle or going under the knife.

@SLAndrews1981 lamented: “So many young women are walking round with lips 4 sizes too big for their faces and foreheads that show no expression,” while others added their concern that Botox could potentially prevent actresses from adequately playing their roles.

@ChristinaDub79 chimed in to say: “Couldn’t agree more [with Samantha], they end up looking like everyone else that has had surgical procedures or Botox.

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