Emily Atack says trolls’ ‘sexually explicit messages’ make her question ‘who she is’

Emily Atack has revealed that she is sent "hundreds" of sexually explicit messages every day which causes her to "self-blame".

The comedian, 32, who appeared to hit out at Jack Grealish with a clever Valentine's Day card, admitted that the constant stream of unwanted sexually explicit messages that she is sent online causes her to "question everything" about herself.

Emily, who played Charlotte Hinchliffe in The Inbetweeners, described how the graphic pictures she is sent on social media can 'drive her crazy'.

She said: "If somebody sends me a sexually explicit message I call it the staircase of self-blame. So I start at the top and then I go: 'Why have they said that to me?'

"Is it because of what I look like? Is it because of what I put out there? Is it because of the person I am?" the I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star told the Plot Twist podcast.

"It makes you question everything you are and is it because I am single? Is this why I am single?"

She continued: "And then all of a sudden you drive yourself crazy. People don't realise that just one message like that, one sexually inappropriate message, they don't realise what that can trigger in your mind.

"It is not just about seeing the message and going: 'That is disgusting I don't want to see your hairy b******k thanks.' You know if it was just that I would get over it really quickly I have seen loads of horrible hairy b******ks in my life."

Asked about the quantity of sexually explicit messages she receives, Emily said: "Oh my God like hundreds a day.

"It is awful. I always say before breakfast I have seen around ten penises I haven't asked to see. It's not normal is it and people don't realise the harm and the triggering that it can spark in your mind where else you kind of take it in your mind."

It comes after Emily revealed that she has moved house 'mainly because of privacy issues' as she shared a selfie with a removal van.

Emily praised the delivery drivers for helping her relocate yet again, even inviting them over for a tea if they ever fancy it in the future.

In an Instagram post to her 1.8 million followers, the star wrote: "I’ve been a little quieter on here this last week and it’s been good for the soul. But really wanted to say a massive thank you to this lovely lot at Davis and Mac."

She continued: "I secretly moved house AGAIN last week. For various reasons, mainly because of privacy issues. And I think I may have found somewhere I can finally settle. This wonderful team were yet again so unbelievably helpful and kind."

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