Elevator Boys Reveal a Cut Scene From ‘Runaway’ Music Video & More Fun Facts About Their Debut Single (Exclusive)

Elevator Boys have arrived and here to take over the music industry!

From TikTok stars to boy band, the group of five – Bene Schulz, Jacob Rott, Julien Brown, Luis Freitag and Tim Schaecker – dropped their debut single just over a week ago, “Runaway,” along with a music video.

Hailing from Germany, the guys moved into a house in Berlin together in 2021, making content together, and becoming Germany’s most successful collaborative content house!

Since then, the guys naturally progressed into starting to make music together as they all shared a passion for it. They started to put in the work and training, but their first single was a little rushed with an opportunity at the Capital Summertime Ball in London.

Now that the song and music video are both out, they exclusively shared 10 Fun Facts about both that you may not have known, including a scene that got cut from the video!

Find out what the Elevator Boys shared with us inside…

See the fun facts below…

  • 1. “Runaway” was written back in May in Berlin and wasn’t actually planned as the first single. We wrote it together with songwriter Nathan Trent and finalized it in 24 hours, just in time for the Summertime Ball in London.
  • 2. The song title was “7 days” until we asked our community on social media. The fans decided to change it to “Runaway.”
  • 3. The music video was filmed in Mallorca, planned within three days, and shot by a team of three people. We were also co-directors and helped with styling and production.
  • 4. While filming the music video, Luis got “RUNAWAY” tattooed on his leg, which turned into the motive for the single cover. Did you know that Jacob also got a “Runaway” tattoo? It’s on both of his ankles.
  • 5. Julien played house man for the team and made scrambled eggs for everyone at 2am.
  • 6. We filmed a skinny-dipping scene which never made it into the video.
  • 7. Videographer Jojo edited the video in two days without sleep and uploaded it just a few minutes before the premiere.
  • 8. At the release party we had a cake with the single cover on it. Later at night, Julien smashed the cake in Luis’ face, and it was all over the kitchen floor.
  • 9. Guests of the release party were creators and musicians like Adam Lambert, Rickey Thompson, Andrew Davila, Markell Washington, Savanna Clarke, and Josh Beauchamp. (See photos here!)
  • 10. Jacob and Luis were still on the plane back to LA while the song was released. So, they celebrated it with a glass of tomato juice.

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