Elephant Rescued from Well in Crazy Video

This tops every video this week … an enormous elephant hoisted from a well and pulled to safety … and it only took 12 hours!!!

It was an incredible feat. The majestic beast fell into a deep well in India and rescuers jumped into action. The dilemma — how to pull all that tonnage up to solid ground.

The rescue effort began in daylight Thursday but extended into darkness, as the elephant was secured by ropes and then a crane was dispatched to lift the creature.

The animal was sedated and slowly … it was lifted from the base of the well and ascended.

When all was said and done, the elephant emerged from the darkness … with cheers from rescuers and onlookers. It was freed from the ropes and stood with obvious relief. The elephant’s fine!

Apparently, wells are an attractive nuisance for elephants … 2 others have fallen into Indian wells rececntly … not to be confused with Indian Wells outside Palm Springs.

So, who said elephants couldn’t fly!?!

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