EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: Elton John rakes in fortune despite Covid pandemic

EDEN CONFIDENTIAL: It’s goodbye yellow brick road, hello £55m as Elton John rakes in a fortune despite Covid pandemic

While youthful pop stars such as Ed Sheeran and Calvin Harris are amassing fortunes, Sir Elton John has proved that it’s the oldies who are still golden when it comes to making money

I can reveal that the flamboyant musician, 75, who is currently on a ‘Farewell’ tour, made a staggering £55 million last year despite the pandemic — more than £1 million a week.

The figure is buried in newly filed accounts for one of his companies, Tekcor, which he and his film producer husband, David Furnish, use for investments. 

They were the first trading accounts for the business, which the couple set up in 2020.

Sir Elton John (pictured), who is currently on his ‘Farewell’ tour, made a staggering £55 million last year despite the pandemic

The figure was found in the accounts his company Tekcor, which he and his film producer husband, David Furnish (pictured right with Elton), use for investments

‘Sir Elton is an example of how earnings can carry on going up, even in the later years of a career,’ a music business source remarks.

The star announced in 2018 that he was embarking on his final world tour so he could spend more time with David and their two sons, Zachary, 11, and Elijah, nine. 

The Farewell Yellow Brick Road concerts were postponed after Covid struck but resumed earlier this year.

The star said it would be his final world tour so he could spend more time with his two children

In 2020, it was reported that he had taken an astonishing £60 million financial hit after coronavirus forced him to drop the tour.

Before he met Furnish, Sir Elton was known for his lavish spending, including £293,000 on flowers in 20 months. ‘I like flowers,’ he explained during a court case.

Sir Elton isn’t the only rocker of a certain vintage to be raking it in. 

The wealth of his fellow knight, Paul McCartney, is believed to have gone up by £20 million in the most recent figures, while The Rolling Stones biggest earners, Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, saw their net worth increase by £25 million.

A spokesman for Sir Elton declines to comment.

Part of the appeal of cult comedy The Office is that only two series and a Christmas special were made. 

Now, Stephen Merchant has said he wishes he and fellow scriptwriter Ricky Gervais had created more episodes. 

‘It looks like it was great integrity, but it was just a terrible foolish mistake,’ he says of their decision to end it in 2003. 

‘If only we’d kept on grinding that thing out, then I’d have three Bentleys.’

Baby joy for royal chum and tennis ace fiancee

Prince Harry’s kids will soon have a new playmate: royal pal Alex Gilkes and his fiancee, former Wimbledon champ Maria Sharapova, are expecting their first child.

The Russian tennis star shared this photo of herself cradling her baby bump on a beach on her 35th birthday. 

Alex Gilkes and Maria Sharapova (pictured) are expecting their first child, who could soon be a playmate of Prince Harry’s children

Tennis star Sharapova announced she was pregnant with a picture of her cradling her baby bump on the beach on Instagram

‘Precious beginnings,’ she says, jokingly adding, ‘Eating birthday cake for two has always been my speciality.’

Old Etonian Gilkes, 42, is a friend of both Harry and Prince William, and was married to Meghan’s close friend, fashion designer Misha Nonoo, for four years.

Charles seeks pen pal  

Prince Charles received 300,000 letters after the death of Princess Diana and they’ve continued arriving in their tens of thousands ever since. 

Now, he and the Duchess of Cornwall are advertising for a head of general correspondence as their current letters chief, Claudia Spens, steps down after almost 25 years.

An advert on the royal website describes it as an ‘exciting opportunity’ to ‘oversee the team that manages the correspondence process ensuring that the tens of thousands of letters received are handled promptly and appropriately’.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are looking for someone to be in charge of their correspondence

The heir to the throne is known for his enthusiastic letter-writing, with government ministers regularly receiving Charles’s ‘black spider’ memos about his pet subjects, penned in his impenetrable scrawl.

The ad stresses that the ‘ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise tact and discretion at all times’ is crucial. 

Particularly when a letter from Prince Harry and Meghan arrives from across the Atlantic . . .

Going for a song? Janet’s pawn shop purchase

This must be the most unlikely place you’d expect to see a member of her super-rich family, but pop star Janet Jackson has been spotted at a pawnbroker’s in Chelsea.

The American singer, 55, who has an estimated fortune of £150million, was seen leaving Prestige Pawnbrokers — underneath a sign which said, aptly, Posh Pawn — clutching what appeared to be a small box, before getting into a Range Rover parked outside the West London shop.

Janet Jackson has been seen leaving a top-dollar pawnbrokers in Chelsea clutching a small box

Janet — whose brother Michael Jackson died in 2009 — has lived in the capital on and off since marrying Qatari businessman Wissam Al Mana in 2012. 

They split in 2017 after she gave birth to their son.

He was the first DJ to broadcast on BBC Radio 1 at its launch in the Swinging Sixties, when drugs were de rigueur, but Tony Blackburn says the only illegal substance he’s ever consumed was in the shape of a hash cake in the U.S. 

He recalls: ‘I thought: “Why not, we’re in New York.” We got in this cab, and every traffic light we stopped at that was red, we split ourselves laughing. 

‘We went up to a policeman and said: “We don’t quite know where we are.” 

‘He said: “Well, whereabouts are you heading?” And I remember saying to him: “It’s near a tall building,” — in New York!’

Queen’s bridesmaid goes wild on her 93rd birthday

During her long and fascinating life, Lady Pamela Hicks has encountered many strange creatures, but she happily faced a few more on her 93rd birthday.

One of the Queen’s two surviving bridesmaids, she was given an unusual present: a visit from Living Things, an organisation that provides wildlife experiences. 

Lady Pamela Hicks received a special visit from a meerkat as part of a gift for her 93rd birthday

Not only did a meerkat climb on her shoulder, but the daughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma also had a snake slither round her neck and a tarantula crawl on her hand.

Let’s hope Her Majesty doesn’t receive a similarly hair-raising surprise on her birthday today!

She’s the chatelaine of Cirencester Park in Gloucestershire, where Princes William and Harry played polo, but Countess Bathurst insists the stately home was a deterrent rather than an incentive to marrying the Earl. 

‘Frankly, I would have fallen in love with my husband if he lived in a sheep shack,’ insists Sara Bathurst, who comes from a family of bookshop owners. 

‘We drove down the drive and I saw the house for the first time and it was all I could do not to turn the car around and get the heck out of there as fast as I could.’

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