Drew Barrymore's Daughters Have an Adorable Nickname for Her Movies

Drew Barrymore's daughters are big fans of their mom's movies.

During an Entertainment Tonight segment on Thursday, the Wedding Singer actress shared which movies her daughters Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6, like best.

When asked to name Olive and Frankie's favorite film from Barrymore's expansive oeuvre, she answered, "Ever After. And they do like 50 First Dates as well." And get this: they have the most adorable name for movies their mom appears in.

"And what's really cute, is they call them mom movies," she shared. They'll say, 'That's a mom movie,' or 'Can we watch a mom movie?' And it's really sweet."

She also opened up about Matthew McConaughey and whether she knew he'd be such a big star back in 1995 when they both appeared in Boys on the Side.

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"We all knew it. He was too dynamic and he worked really hard on his character," but revealed when the cameras stop rolling it's all "tequila and bongos."

This interview wasn't the first time she's spoken about her daughters' opinions of her movies. She once told Hugh Grant in conversation for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation that her daughters hadn't connected much with her roles at this point in their lives. She even revealed that they hadn't seen Music and Lyrics.

"This is like phases of their life," she said. "They'll come around." Well, we're glad to see they have.

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