Dr. Oz Says Americans Need Better Physical, Mental Health Due to Pandemic

Dr. Oz says the coronavirus pandemic is proof most Americans desperately need to improve their outlook on personal health — especially when it comes to weight loss … and insists he’s not fat shaming.

The doc joined us Monday on “TMZ Live” to reveal the new focus for his upcoming 13th season on the air … and it’s all about folks taking their mental and physical health up a notch.

Dr. Oz says a lot of the problems facing the country in the COVID era are due to people being overweight, and he says it’s not fat shaming to encourage people to exercise.

Oz understands it’s still important to isolate due to COVID, but he says that doesn’t mean walling yourself off from friends and family … he wants folks to be more social, but in a safe and virtual way.

The doc says you don’t even have to leave your house to get in better shape, and he’s got a few simple tips on what you can do … while watching TV.

Bill Maher has long been saying fat shaming needs to make a comeback … but Oz says it’s time for someone other than a comedian to carry the torch.

Of course, Oz breaks from Bill in one key area on the obesity epidemic … and he’s walking a fine line in this day and age.

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