Dolly Parton on if She'd Ever Work With Miley Cyrus Again Post 'Hannah Montana'

When Dolly Parton guest-starred on the hit Disney Channel show Hannah Montana alongside Miley Cyrus, she was introduced to an entirely new audience. By the time the show premiered in 2006, the “Jolene” singer was already extremely well-established in her career and was considered to be a legend in the music industry. However, playing herself on the Disney Channel show helped introduce her to a new generation who may not have been exposed to her just yet.

Are Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus related?

Hannah Montana was a lightning rod of the show. Not only did it launch Cyrus’ acting career, but it helped to establish her as a talented singer as well. Soon Cyrus was a household name and one of the most famous teens on the planet and Parton, who is Cyrus’ godmother, was bursting with pride. “Well, when Hannah Montana came on the air and little Miley Cyrus, my little goddaughter, was the star of it, I was so proud of her,” Parton shared in an interview with Vanity Fair. “I thought she was sensational. I thought ‘What a great little comedian she is’ and what a great little actress and of course she’s a great singer. But she was so perfect in that spot.”

How did the ‘Jolene’ singer end up on ‘Hannah Montana’?

It wasn’t long before Cyrus was using her agency and coming up with ideas to make Hannah Montana better. In fact, the “Malibu” singer was the one who insisted that Parton be written into the show. “And she told them that, you know, she said ‘I want my Aunt Dolly on here’ (she calls me Aunt Dolly) and she so she said ‘I want her on the show,’” Parton revealed. “So they wrote me in the show and we just worked so great together. And I was on a few times.”

Though Parton only starred in a few episodes of Hannah Montana, she continues to speak highly of the experience to this day. She has been candid about the fact that she enjoyed working alongside Cyrus. But would she ever consider working with her again in the future? Back in 2016, Parton spoke with Digital Spy and got candid about whether she’d collaborate with her goddaughter again in the future.

Would Parton ever work with her godchild, Cyrus again?

“I like to think I have a future with Miley,” Parton revealed. “I have known her since she was a baby. I think her voice is as great if not greater than most of the girls in the business. I love her acting! I do have plans. I would love to do some movies with her, possibly even a series. I definitely would love to do music with her. I do think there are things in the future for Miley and me!”

Cyrus and Parton have certainly performed together since the “Jolene” singer gave that interview in 2016. But we’re sure their fans would love to see a more official collaboration. Cyrus seems to have taken a step back from acting in favor of her music, but perhaps the pair might release some songs together in the future. Only time will tell what’s next for this talented duo.

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