Dlisted: The Podcast, Episode 16 – The Day Taylor Swift Invented Voting

After skipping an episode because I nearly died (I just had food poisoning), Allison and I are back to talk about Taylor Swift pulling a Taylor Swift by endorsing Democrats right before the mid-terms after taking Red State money, Keira Knightley getting blacklisted from Buckingham Palace FOREVER, and the feel-good plot twist of the My Son viral story. We also cry over the end of everlasting love (the break up of Ben Affleck and that 22-year-old Playboy model) and brain-burp out question marks over Sean Penn possibly being at a gender reveal party. We finish up the episode by giving our thoughts on A Star Is Born. And yes, I’m waiting for the porn parody called A Dirt Star Gets Boned, which would definitely be a better movie.

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