“Distraught” Justin Bieber Reportedly Seeks Comfort at Church after Hearing News of Selena Gomez’s Breakdown

Cosmopolitan is reporting today that a “visibly upset” Justin Bieber arrived at Los Angeles’ Hillsong Church last night after hearing news of his ex Selena Gomez’s “emotional breakdown” and admission to an East Coast psychiatric institution for treatment. TMZ reported earlier that Selena had “spiraled” into a deep depression after blood tests showed an abnormally low white blood cell count, which can indicate a number of potentially dangerous health conditions for kidney transplant patients like herself.

Although she does not like speaking about it publicly, Selena is also a member of the Los Angeles Hillsong congregation. Notably, Justin’s wife Hailey Baldwin – who generally attends Hillsong services with Justin — was not in attendance last night.

In videos and pics taken when he was exiting the L.A. Hillsong church last night, Justin looks even more unkempt than usual, with some photos appearing to show Justin’s eyes puffy and red as if he had been crying. Justin can be seen being being hugged and whispered to by various Hillsong Church officials and ushers before he gets into his car to leave.

Justin last broke up with his ex Selena round March of this year. Shortly after, he rekindled an on-again, off-again relationship with Hailey and, to many people’s surprise, the two soon became engaged. Then, after a whirlwind engagement, it has been widely reported that Justin and Hailey became legally married in a Manhattan civil court only a few weeks ago.

But now, just when everyone was convinced Jelena was over forever … is it?

Below we have a video taken of Justin leaving Hillsong Church last night.

Do you think Selena’s condition could have stirred old emotions in Justin? Where was Hailey?

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