Dionne Warwick Reveals Who Is Behind Her Viral Tweets To Other Celebs… Kind Of!

Dionne Warwick has achieved enough in her professional career — she doesn’t need to be wasting time with Twitter!

Though the legendary singer achieved viral Twitter fame recently with some hilarious tweets directed at Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd, as it turns out she may not be the one sending them!

Like we said, considering Dionne is 80 years young (!), that’s totally understandable. So what is the story, then?!

According to the I Say A Little Prayer singer herself, it’s actually her niece who does the funny tweeting — with a little help from Dionne’s PR and management team! Warwick went on Andy Cohen‘s radio show on Monday to talk about it, revealing (below):

“No, I don’t . I don’t know anything about that. My niece, Brittany, is a hysterical person. She’s funny as all get out. I told her she should have been a comedienne. She has a wonderful way with words. And my PR people, they also put a few things in there for me.”

Well then! Mystery solved?!

You can hear the entire exchange in this quick clip (below):

Ha! Love it!

But… maybe things are changing?!

Hours after that radio hit on Monday, this tweet popped up (below) with Dionne speaking directly to the camera saying she is running her own Twitter account, and her niece is just helping out:

Sassy AF!!!

Soooo… maybe she’s  just getting started with the humor?!

Either way, Andy is right: Dionne should continue doing what she (and/or her team?!) is doing.

The tweets (like this one from this past weekend, below) are super funny, and we need all the laughs we can get right now!!!


A true legend!

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