Dinah Jane Does an R&B Reset … Drops 3-Song Solo EP ‘Dinah Jane 1′ and Video for New Single “Heard It All Before”

Dinah Jane might have just hit the reset button on her early solo career, dropping her first EP with a “restart” kind of title: Dinah Jane 1. While the former Fifth Harmony member had earlier put out a couple of club-oriented singles — “Retrograde” and “Bottled Up,” a collab with Ty Dolla $ign and Marc E. Bassy — it feels like she has now made something of a definitive swerve toward a more classic R&B sound.

“You can tell I’ve held onto this for a while, this style and direction,” Dinah said in an interview with Billboard Magazine, “[but] it’s definitely all me.”

“It took a while for me to find that,” she added “because being in a group for seven years, you haven’t discovered much of yourself just yet. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what there is to discover. What’s out there for me? These songs are definitely my style and was so easy to fall into. I was like, ‘Wow, you were here all along! Here you are!’”

Having only 3 tracks, Dinah Jane 1 is definitely on the small side for an EP, and Dinah Jane even refers to it as a “project.” And it certainly departs from the bold club sounds of something like “Bottled Up.” But there is both an authenticity and consistency to the mature, classic R&B sound across the singles on Dinah Jane 1, and all three, in different ways, have soulful vibes.

That includes “Heard It All Before,” which Dinah Jane has decided to make her first official single off the EP. In the video for the song that she also dropped today, Dinah Jane portrays a woman who is done with playing games.

We have Dinah Jane’s new video — and all the tracks of her EP — below.

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