‘Difficult to repair’ Alison Hammond shares injury update after fall leaves ‘nasty wound’

This Morning: Phil and Alison in hysterics over fall video

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Alison Hammond, 46, has given fans an update on her “nasty wound”, which she has been struggling with since she took a tumble in her garden earlier this month. The presenter appeared on This Morning alongside her co-stars Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby today, where they quizzed her on how she was doing following her unfortunate fall.

Phillip asked Alison: “You’ve got to be careful in your garden at the moment because you tore the path up?”

The former Big Brother star admitted: “I do, I’ve still got my little plaster on.”

Pointing at her bandaged knee, Alison revealed that her wound hasn’t healed yet and it has been “quite difficult to repair”.

She added: “It’s still a little bit weepy because it’s a knee, obviously, it’s quite difficult to repair.

“So yeah, it’s still a little bit weepy.”

“Oh Alison,” Holly replied, sympathising with her ITV co-star.

Phillip then asked for more details about how Alison sustained the injury, saying: “Yeah, but you did slip over on the path didn’t you?”

“I did, but it’s like ice, it was like torrential rain,” Alison explained.


“So you’ve taken that up now and you’ve put something down that’s a little rougher,” Phillip stated.

Alison confirmed that was the case, and revealed her garden is currently a “mess” because her awkward fall prompted her to make some changes to the path she slipped over on.

She giggled: “It’s a major overreaction.

“Literally, my garden’s an absolute mess now because I want something with a little bit of texture.”

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Phillip struggled to contain his laughter, telling viewers: “She did show me the video earlier on this morning and I now know you considerably better than I’ve ever known you before!

“We should point out that Alison fell over on the path, hurt her leg, and I’ve seen the wound and it’s nasty. 

“But as she fell over in the pouring rain, she wasn’t wearing any knickers!” 

Holly also got the giggles as she added: “Thankfully, the security camera captured the whole thing, which is why we get to see it!”

Phillip chimed: “That was a hell of a shock when I watched that first thing this morning!”

Alison previously explained why she had decided to go without her underwear on the day she fell over.

She said on the ITV show after footage of her tumble aired: “The reason why there is a little heart there is because I like to chill out and take all my underwear off, so there’s a little heart there to cover my modesty.”

The This Morning presenter revealed she spent seven hours at the hospital following the incident.

“A vein popped up on back of my knee, I was in hospital for seven hours,” Alison remarked.

Fortunately, doctors confirmed that it was not the onset of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) – a dangerous medical condition that can cause blood clots in the vein.

This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10am.

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