Did Kehlani Just Reveal Her Baby Daddy After Fans Go Wild Over Pregnancy News?

Ready for shocker #2? On top of Kehlani’s pregnancy news on Oct. 12, she said the baby daddy has been ‘in front of y’all faces.’ Judging by Kehlani’s Instagram feed, fans freaking out at the person she could be referring to!

Kehlani, 23, hid her pregnancy, but not her baby daddy! Although the “In My Feelings” singer didn’t name drop, she left plenty of clues for her Instagram and Twitter fans after revealing her baby bump on Oct. 12. “The best part is i haven’t even hid my partnership or my babyfathaaaaa,” Kehlani captioned a selfie on her Instagram Story after the baby news. “He been in front of y’all faces! hahahahaha.” And fans are now speculating that Javie Young White is the baby daddy, who’s been under our noses — and on Kehlani’s Instagram feed — this whole time! Kehlani commented “Hey dad” on Javie’s Instagram picture on Oct. 10, and under a picture of them together on Feb. 1, she wrote, “I LOVE YOU” and “JUST STOPPED TO SAY IT AGAIN.”

Kehlani also posted a photo of them together on Oct. 8, which you can see above! Fans are going wild in the comments section. “I found baby daddy!!!!!!!!” one fan commented under the picture, and another wrote, “You guys are gonna have the most adorable child i cant.” As far as whether their relationship is platonic or romantic is unclear, as Kehlani said she’s having a baby with her “very best friend,” but later called him her “luva,” which you can read below. Javie put on makeup and glitter for a “happy pride” selfie on June 24, and Kehlani has shared in the past that she’s “REALLY attracted to queer men, non binary people, intersex people, trans people” in a tweet on April 22. Kehlani, who identifies as queer, also clarified that she’s “not bi, not straight” and that she’s “the LEAST attracted to straight men” in her tweets.

To further clear any confusion and break down binaries, Kehlani retweeted the following statement after sharing her pregnancy news: “Just a reminder that homosexuality and reproduction are not mutually exclusive. You can be gay, bi, or otherwise and still have children, for those of you who are confused!” We can expect Kehlani to divulge more details about the baby daddy in the future. Replying to a fan, Kehlani admitted that she eventually plans on “sharing why [her] partner is so special to [her].” She added, “Why i trusted him with my body, my life, and my future. it was pure props to my luva.”

In an earlier tweet that day, Kehlani wrote, “I have a daughter. me. i. me! kehlani! i have a mini on the way. my partner is my best friend and quite frankly the only man on earth i trust. we are SO READY FOR U MIJA!!!!!!!!!” Kehlani shared in her original pregnancy announcement that she’s four months along. Whoever the father may be, we’re thrilled Kehlani is ecstatic about who she’ll be co-parenting with!

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