Danny Trejo Reveals the Sweet Way He Developed His Trejo's Tacos Restaurant Menu [Exclusive]

So when I [developed the menu], I said OK look, we have to have vegan. We have to have vegetarian combined into a cow if you want to. But we have to have these things,” he explained. Trejo’s Tacos offers various protein combinations including at least three vegetarian options.

He also designed the menu with kids in mind. “I work with autistic kids,” he shared. “And doctors have said that gluten doesn’t do really good with autistic kids, so I said, let’s have gluten-free. So we got everybody. If you come to the restaurant, about 4:30, 5:00, you’ll find people with special needs children – so mom doesn’t have to cook three different meals, you know? And so we’re really proud of that. And we’re dog friendly.”

Danny Trejo’s dogs are a big part of his family

Speaking of dogs, Trejo who is also a rescue advocate has a big pack of his own pups at home. “Right now I’ve got six [dogs]. One’s a teacup Chihuahua. She’s the meanest!” he laughed. He said of all his dogs, even the bigger dogs, the teacup Chihuahua is the pup in his pack with the most attitude.

Trejo treats his dogs the same way he treats his humans – with lots of love often shown through food. He makes sure his patron’s dogs are taken care of when they dine at one of his restaurants. “At the restaurant, if we have a dog there, I always wash off some carne asada, really good. I wash off the spices.”

He laughed, adding, “I wish they could eat Tostitos but they can’t.”

Danny Trejo marks Cinco de Mayo this year with Tosititos

Trejo is also a big fan of the Tostitos and partnered with the brand for the second year to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. “This year is all about just having a great time, really. And we’ve got nine different challenges. And they’re kind of fun for everyone and you can mix a Tostitos Fiesta Remix Party Pack!” he exclaimed. He joined singer Sofía Reyes in a fun spot for Tostitos to get the party started.

Everyone can get in on the fun at Tostitos Fiesta Remix for games, quizzes, recipes and more. Tostitos will keep the party rolling all summer long, which includes Millennial Lotería and a TikTok competition to win a 5-carat gold Fiesta Remix Party Pack on 5/5 – complete with a one-of-a-kind solid gold Tostitos Scoops necklace!

To learn more about Fiesta Remix and find even more ideas for all your summer get-togethers, head to Tostitos.com/FiestaRemix or follow Tostitos on  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

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