Danniella Westbrook vows to quit cocaine and champagne again after relapse

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Daniella Westbrook has told fans she is seeking help after relapsing in her battle against drug and alcohol addiction.

The 47 year old star bravely opened up about her struggles in a candid Instagram post, which saw her vow to quit champagne and cocaine.

The former EastEnders star wrote: “Ok so here goes …. HONESTY POST Ok so it’s no secret since leaving rehab I’ve slipped and slides more than I have been straight I guess.

“But today I’ve joined a new gym restarted my herbal life and going back to the rooms tonight.

"I’m done with the drinking, the occasional packet and night out. I’m totally over it.

“I know the best years of my whole adult life was the 14 years I spent clean and sober," she continued. "So today’s the day I go back. Own my s**t. Pick up the newcomers ring with pride not shame.

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling shame and a fraud when people tell me I’m doing well. I’ve done better this time round but I’m done I’m so bloody bored of it all.

“So today I’m saying. Hello I’m Danniella and I’m a recovering drug addict.”

The str then said she will be looking for a “natural buzz” in the future, and plans to attend Narcotics Anonymous meetings to help stay on track.

She continued: “I haven’t had a rock bottom this time, I’m just all over the whole vicious circle that is crippling disease that stops me and from being the best me I can be and from reaching my full potential.

“I’m lucky this time I’m not crawling in the rooms a snivelling skinny bag head … I was meant for more than this and this last few years f**king about has show me, that cocaine and champagne ain’t got the high I want.

“I want a natural buzz a natural high from life from opportunities so it’s with head held high I say today is the day I go back to the welcoming most exclusive bunch of people I’ve had the pleat of being around … my CA Na Aa [Cocaine Anon, Narcotics Anon, Alcoholics Anon] family.

"See you all on the sunny side of life …”

Danniella finished by offering support to fans that may be struggling with the same issues she does.

Well-wishers soon flooded the comments with messages for the star, as one said: “Massive respect to you x.”

Another wrote: “Well done mate, one day at a time. Those meetings save my life x.”

A third said Danniella should “be super proud of yourself”.

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