Dan Wootton says Clarkson made a mistake but shouldn’t have apologised

Jeremy Clarkson issues apology to Meghan and Harry

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GB News presenter Dan Wootton, 39, has shared his latest criticisms of Meghan Markle, 41, and Prince Harry, 38, as he weighed into Jeremy Clarkson’s apology following his controversial comments in his Sun column.

Dan, who used to be executive editor of the publication, commented that Clarkson, 62, has ended up in “Cancel Corner” along with other stars such as Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne who have also criticised the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

The GB News presenter wrote in his new column: “Clarkson’s exclusion from the entertainment industry is a major victory for Harry and Meghan…They used [his apology] to further put the boot in, incorrectly claiming that he ‘spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny’.

“Let that be a lesson to King Charles and Prince William if they ever think a formal apology to the Sussexes would mark the end of their destructive campaign against the Royal Family.

“And that’s why Clarkson should never have apologised.

“Harry and Meghan aren’t looking for genuine reconciliation. Spare, their Netflix reality series and numerous interviews make it clear they won’t stop until their enemies are destroyed,” he added to MailOnline.

Dan’s comments come after the Clarkson’s Farm star revealed he had emailed Harry and Meghan to apologise for the contents of his column.

He sparked controversy when he wrote last month that he “hated” Meghan “on a cellular level”.

He was also slammed for saying he dreams “of the day when she is made to parade naked through the streets of every town in Britain while the crowds chant, ‘Shame!’ and throw lumps of excrement at her”.

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In his apology, shared to Instagram earlier this week, Jeremy acknowledged that his language was “disgraceful” and said he had been referring to a famous scene from Game of Thrones.

However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex responded to The Grand Tour star’s public apology, claiming that he only contacted Harry and not Meghan.

The statement reportedly said: “Mr Clarkson wrote solely to Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. The contents of his correspondence were marked Private and Confidential.

“While a new public apology has been issued today by Mr Clarkson, what remains to be addressed is his longstanding pattern of writing articles that spread hate rhetoric, dangerous conspiracy theories and misogyny.

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“Unless each of his other pieces were also written ‘in a hurry’, as he states, it is clear that this is not an isolated incident shared in haste, but rather a series of articles shared in hate.”

It has now been reported that The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm could be cancelled by Prime Video.

As reported by Variety, Amazon has allegedly “cut ties” with Jeremy and will not be working with him beyond the seasons of both his shows that have already been commissioned.

This means it is likely he won’t appear in any new shows after 2024 but upcoming seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm are reportedly not affected.

His future on ITV’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire has also been thrown into question with the channel’s CEO Carolyn McCall saying it has “no place” for comments like the ones in his article.

In a letter sent on December 22, the ITV CEO responded to a call to drop Jeremy from the ITV quiz programme by SNP MP John Nicholson.

The letter, first published by Deadline, read: “There is no place on ITV for the comments made in that article.

“It is also worth adding that Jeremy Clarkson is not an ITV employee and that when he appears on ITV it is as a quiz show host on a show which does not provide a platform for his opinions.”

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