Cristiano Ronaldo Released From Quarantine After Negative COVID test

Soccer fans, rejoice … Cristiano Ronaldo is free of COVID-19!

The superstar’s team, Juventus, made the announcement Friday … saying the 35-year-old has finally tested negative after contracting the virus nearly three weeks ago.

“Cristiano Ronaldo carried out a check with a diagnostic test (swab) for Covid 19,” the team said in a statement. “The exam provided a negative result.”

“The player has, therefore, recovered after 19 days and is no longer subjected to home isolation.”

It’s great news for Juventus … the squad won just 1 of its 4 games with Ronaldo out — and lost its highly anticipated matchup with Lionel Messi‘s Barcelona team on Wednesday.

As we previously reported, it was announced on Oct. 13 that Ronaldo had COVID … and he had quarantined himself every day since.

Though, based on his isolation pics, it didn’t seem THAT difficult …

But, congrats on kickin’ the virus’ ass regardless!

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