Corey Taylor Drops New Solo Single ‘Culture Head’

Corey Taylor dropped a new song “Culture Head” on Wednesday (September 23) during WWE’s NXT broadcast. This is the fourth single from his upcoming debut solo album, CMFT, due out on October 2, via Roadrunner.

The song comes down harsh on those who use religion as a defense for hypocrisy. “I don’t trust anyone… who uses God as an excuse/ I don’t trust anyone… so f–k you, and anyone who looks like you/ I can’t shake, shake shake this sudden feeling you’re a fake, fake fake,” Taylor sings.

Taylor is well known for his clashes with prohibitive doctrines.

The Slipknot frontman previously released “CMFT Must Be Stopped,” “Black Eyes Blue” and “HWY 666” from CMFT.

Taylor is set to celebrate the release of ‘CMFT’ on October 2 by headlining a livestreamed event called Forum Or Against ‘Em, scheduled to take place at The Forum venue in Los Angeles. In addition to playing the entire album, Taylor and his band will also play some covers and tracks from Slipknot and Stone Sour catalogue.

(Photo: © Markus Felix)

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