‘Coop & Cami’s Ruby Rose Turner Shared A Cute Throwback Just Ahead of Series Premiere

It’s not Throwback Thursday quite yet, but Ruby Rose Turner moved it up to Tuesday (October 9) to celebrate a milestone day.

The new starlet of Disney Channel’s Coop & Cami Ask The World revealed in a new Instagram that today marked the day that she and co-star Dakota Lotus learned that their show had been greenlit.

“Dakota and I at the top of the Disney Channel building… after just being told we booked a Disney Channel show that we had put our hearts in to auditioning for for months,” Ruby writes. “My lifelong dream had come true !!”

She adds, “Now one year later and 3 MORE DAYS TO GO we finally get to share WITH THE WORLD all that we, the writers, producers, cast and crew have worked so hard on for you guys !! I can’t wait to make you laugh and smile and meet THE WRATHER’S on @disneychannel LET’S GO #coopandcami.”

So cute!

Coop & Cami Ask The World premieres THIS Friday, October 12th on Disney Channel.

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