Clayton Echard Reacts to Claire Heilig Legit "Hating" Him During Night One of 'The Bachelor'

Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor premiered on Monday night and it was…not the boring snooze-fest that some people feared! In part because two (2) contestants arrived on set, started filming, and then immediately opted out.

In case you missed it, Salley Carson began Clatyon’s season with the most awkward hangout e-v-e-r, revealing that she’d was supposed to get married to her ex literally that day. Poor Clayton offered her a rose after this revelation (????) but she straight-up denied him and left the show.

And if that wasn’t 😐 enough, a forever iconic contestant named Claire Heilig hung out with Clayton for approximately five minutes and decided she wanted nothing to do with him. Like, she quite literally said “he sucks” and “I hate him.” So yeah….all in all not a great night for our dude Clayton! And now he’s out here explaining things to E! News:

“I was reading stuff online, like, ‘[Salley] tells Clayton, I was previously engaged and supposed to get married today,’ and I’m like, I love you. Here’s a rose,'” he said. “Like, that’s not how it went down. All right, guys, cut me some slack.”

“We talked for over an hour. Of course, they can’t show all that. So there was more discussion between Salley and I,” he added. “I really liked what I saw out of her when we talked and my whole thought was, ‘I like this girl. Maybe if she sticks around for a few more days, she’ll be able to kind of quell a lot of those concerns that she has and start building a connection between the two of us.”

Got it. Meanwhile, Clayton says he gets why Claire was frustrated that their time got interrupted, but ultimately had to send her home due to her…you know…hating him.

“I get where her frustration is, but still, to be going around saying you ‘hate’ me, you ‘just felt like it’s a terrible connection, there’s nothing there,” he said. “Those are very strong emotions that you’re claiming you have for me. And I was like, I don’t have time for this. I don’t want to deal with this.”

Clayton also noted that the premiere “really did show me, there’s this whole side of this show I’m gonna be watching now that I wasn’t around for. I was always kind of clued in on what was happening with the women in the house. Well, now I’m going to see what really happened.”

Can’t wait!

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