Claire Holt Shares Photos from the Delivery Room After Welcoming Second Child!

Claire Holt is giving fans a peek inside the delivery room from when she welcomed her second child into the world earlier this month!

The 32-year-old The Originals actress gave birth to daughter Elle on Saturday (September 12) and she did an Instagram Q&A nine days later while both of her kids were napping.

All of Claire‘s responses to questions included photos of her in the delivery room and there were some cute new photos of Elle as well.

One fan asked if it was harder giving birth the second time. Claire said, “It feels like it was, although I think I blocked out the first one so I’m not really sure. I had back labor both times and took forever to progress.”

Someone asked if she gave birth naturally and Claire responded, “I got the epidural. Labored for 19 hours and then needed the pain relief. It kinda messed up my leg but at least I didn’t feel the contractions after that. I think it helped me (and my pelvis) to relax so the baby could turn. Leg is fine now FYI.”

Claire also talked about having to wear a mask while giving birth, how this labor was longer than the first, how breastfeeding is rough for her, and more.

Click through the gallery to see the photos and Claire Holt’s answers to the questions…

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