Christina El Moussa Gushes About Boyfriend Ant Anstead in Love Letter

Back in January, we revealed that Christina El Moussa is dating Ant Anstead.

Since then, their romance has grown increasingly public.

Now, Christina is taking to social media, sharing a tender kissing pic, and gushing over how their romance came to be.

Christina El Moussa shared the romantic kiss photo that you’re about to see.

Alongside it, she wrote a lengthy love letter both to and about Ant Anstead.

“If you aren’t in the mood for a sentimental and mushy post,” she warns her followers. “I suggest you keep scrolling.”

Noted — and ignored. Please, Christina, continue.

“A year ago today @ant_anstead called me for the first time,” Christina wrote on November 1, 2018.

“And,” she continues. “We spoke for 29 mins.”

That was their first conversation — when was the last time you spoke that long to someone who wasn’t a close relative or your internet provider?

After that first lengthy — and clearly memorable — phone call, they spoke again.

“Two days later while he was at Sema,” Christina says. “He FaceTimed me.”

At first, she was a little weirded out, and shares in parentheses: “(I was thinking who FaceTimes).”

Plenty of people do, but usually it’s adults talking to children, lovers speaking, or most importantly, people on vacation talking to their pets.

“Anyways,” Christina continues. “I answered and we spoke for 2.5 hours.”

Two and a half hours on video chat? I need a nap just after reading that.

Their relationship didn’t remain long-distance for long.

“Two days later,” Christina reveals. “We met for the first time.”

Depending upon how she counts her days, this would have been either on or around November 5, 2017.

“And,” Christina says. “We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Wow, that sounds like a case of two people seriously clicking with each ohter.

“#FATE,” Christina writes.

She’s not done gushing, however.

This time, her letter shifts focus and addresses Ant directly.

“@ant_anstead you have showed me what real unconditional love is,” Christina raves.

“You take me for what I am,” she says, admitting that she is “flawed and a bit crazy.”

That is all kinds of relatable.

She writes that he manages to accept that “and love all of me just the way I am.”

That’s how relationships should be.

Christina continues to describe how Ant Anstead hung the moon.

“You have never once made me feel bad for anything in my past,” she gushes.

Oddly, Christina says: “You put me in my place when I need to be put there.”

That’s such a strange and uncomfortable way to describe helping someone stay grounded, which we’re sure is what she means.

Christina also says that he’s always there to “hold me when I’m having a bad day.”

That is very sweet.

“I love this life with you,” Christina proclaims.

She continues, saying: “I love our blended family.”

“I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us,” she says.

“I know,” she continues. “It’s going to be magical.”

“To quote my fav artist,” she concludes. “‘Wise men say only fools rush in …. but I can’t help falling in love with you'”

Christina El Moussa Photos: Flip or Flop Hotness!

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