Chrissy Teigen Trolls Mom Shamers Before They Bash Pic Of Babies Bathing Together

She beat them to the punch! There’s no problem with Chrissy’s little ones being naked in the bath together, and she’s making sure social media knows it before users fire off. See her epic caption!

Chrissy Teigen, 32, isn’t letting mom shamers stop her from sharing every step of her parenthood journey! While the mother of two has been bashed for everything from breastfeeding to her post-pregnancy bod, she’s getting ahead of the criticism this time with a little preventative action. “Heart explodes,” she captioned a photo of her children Luna, 2, and Miles, 4 months, taking a bath. “And heads up, if you have some weird issue with this, you’re weird.” LOL — you tell ’em, Chrissy! The siblings were taking a sink bath together, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Little Miles was mesmerized by the faucet, and Luna looked so happy to be hanging with her brother and helped hold him in the water.

But, of course, even her caption couldn’t keep trolls from commenting on the adorable photo. While some really were bothered by the babies naked in the sink together, more people were disturbed by the fact that Chrissy had uploaded it in the first place. “There’s no issue with them doing this,” one wrote. “The issue is you posting it. Keep your kids to yourself. You can be proud of them without putting them on display on the Internet!” Another added, “We aren’t weird. People exploiting the actions of a loving mother (by uploading a beautiful image of their children) are weird.”

In addition to all of the hate was a little bit of jealousy, as fans noted the size of Chrissy’s sink. Many Instagram users wanted it for themselves!

In another picture of Luna and Miles taken on the same night, Chrissy’s daughter was alone in the sink with a big smile on her face and a soap dispenser in her hand, while her son bathed in a bucket close by. Could these two get any cuter?

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