Chris Evans & Lily James had another date, this time with ice cream in a park

A few days ago, we heard the gossip that Chris Evans and Lily James were out on what looked like a date in London. There was some confusion about when Chris arrived in London and whether he could actually travel and whether he should have quarantined. While Americans have been banned from traveling to continental Europe, from what I understand, the UK might allow some Americans to come in if they have a reason, like an actor coming in for work? Plus, we really don’t know when he arrived in London. All we know is that Chris and Lily went to a hotel together. I wondered if there would be a follow-up date or something. Looks like it:

— Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb) July 8, 2020

These photos are… a lot. Chris wearing a Patriots scarf as a mask, Lily wearing her scarf mask but pulling it down to eat ice cream and smile at Chris as they lounge around a park. Oh, and Chris wore a Boston Red Sox baseball cap, just in case you didn’t get the whole I AM FROM BOSTON look. Honestly, she could do better! I know that’s not what the Evans stans want to hear, but it’s true!

There’s also some confusion about the status of Lily’s relationship with Matt Smith. I still believe that they broke up late last year, probably November-December. They were seen together after the alleged split, but I just took that as “we’re still friends even though he broke my heart.” They were together for years and they lived together too. It wasn’t a casual relationship, and I always thought SHE thought they would get married. The way Lily and Chris are happy to be photographed… it’s giving me a “revenge rebound romance” vibe, pandemic-style, on her side. Who knows. It’s just fun to have some new-couple gossip that isn’t Afflaramas.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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