‘Chicago P.D.’ Shocker: Two Key Characters Hook Up & We Are Shook

‘Chicago P.D.’ just went there. We knew two members of Intelligence would be hooking up, and the two characters were revealed on the Oct. 10 episode. Holy hotness. SPOILER ALERT!

Should we dub them Rupton? Ruzek and Upton hooked up on the Oct. 10 episode of Chicago P.D., and it was STEAMY! At the start of the episode, Ruzek and Upton wake up in bed together. She wants to pretend like their sexy tryst didn’t happen, but Ruzek had fun. You can’t deny their connection. It’s been palpable lately.

While the case at hand keeps them busy for much of the episode, Ruzek and Upton just can’t stay away from each other. They play pool at the bar at the end of the day, and Upton asks Ruzek what his deal is with Burgess. She doesn’t waste any time getting to the point! Ruzek says Burgess is an “amazing woman. I love her.” He adds, “At the end of the day, she didn’t want to be with me, so we’re friends.” Sorry, Burzek fans.

Ruzek goes out on a limb and tells Upton that he doesn’t want to stop whatever it is that’s going on between them. “I personally think we should keep it going,” he says. He wants to have fun with no pressure. Upton clearly agrees because before you know it those two are back in bed in what has to be one of the sexiest Chicago P.D. scenes in a while. I totally ship this. It’s time to spice things up on Chicago P.D. But what’s going to happen when Halstead and Burgess find out?! It’s about to get dicey. Nothing stays a secret on Chicago P.D. for long. Chicago P.D. season 6 airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC.

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