Celebrities Who Died In 2021: In Memoriam

Some truly beloved public figures have already left us this year.

These artists, athletes, politicians, and pop culture icons may be gone from this world. But they will certainly never be forgotten.

For their fans and loved ones alike, legends never die.

Their legacies live on; their stars will never fade; and their work will be cherished for generations to come, as those whose lives they touched pass the love and admiration on to future admirers.

Join us as we pay tribute to the lives we've lost in the year 2021.

May they rest in eternal peace and/or power.

1.Dustin Diamond

2.Cicely Tyson

3.Christopher Plummer

4.Larry King


6.Cloris Leachman

7.Billy Brown


9.Brayden Smith

10.Mira Furlan

11.Larry Flynt

12.Siegfried Fischbacher

13.Dazharia Shaffer

14.Jessica Campbell

15.Tanya Roberts

16.Harry Brant

17.Emily Mitchell

18.Martell Derouen

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