Cardi B Says Her Birthday Gift for Offset Will Top His House Present

Cardi B has at least one bright idea about what she can give Offset for his 30th birthday — and she’s confident it will top his present to her … assuming he’s into good lovin’.

We ran into the rapper at LAX, where she was incognito and COVID-safe … she still stood out like a sore thumb, though, on account of her unique nails. Anyway, we got to talking birthdays, because her husbands is coming up in a couple months — and he just hooked her up with a new house in the Dominican Republic for her born day.

The natural question: Whatcha gonna get him in December that beats that???

Cardi’s a little stumped on the question, but after some quick brainstorming — she comes up with a possibility that literally made us laugh out loud. We’ll say this … Offset will NOT be disappointed. No Dad sweaters for him.

BTW, our camera guy noted something important … Cardi might not have to get Offset a house or anything material at all, because she DID just deliver their son, who hit the big 5-0 himself on Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

50 days, that is — and still no pics of the little guy on Cardi’s socials or anything — ditto for his name. We ask Cardi about that too, and she admits we almost got her to spill the beans!!!

Don’t worry, Cardi … we’ll keep trying.

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