Cardi B Claps Back At Makeup Artist Who Called Her The ‘Worst Client EVER’

Cardi B has responded to the makeup artist who vlogged about her bad experience working with the singer — and it sounds like the feeling’s mutual!

In January, Houston-based makeup artist Mua posted a YouTube video talking about her “worst client EVER,” Mizz B, who she claimed was not so pleasant to be around the two times they worked together in 2017.

Mua alleged that the second time she painted Cardi’s face, the Bodak Yellow songstress wouldn’t stop moving and requested a makeup style she didn’t actually want  — then completely messed up the critical eye liner portion of the process by blinking.

After getting a look at her half-finished, eyeliner caked face, Cardi allegedly went off on Mua. Even though Mua told the performer she could fix it, she claimed Cardi eventually just told her to “get the f**k out.”

Now, nearly a year later, the 26-year-old star finally clapped back at Mua’s story in an Instagram Live video, and she still seems pretty fired up about it.

The rapper refused to apologize for the way she allegedly treated the “unprofessional” makeup artist, who she alleges came to her room “high as f**k.”. While Cardi didn’t deny going off on Mua, she smoked her out for going online and “talking s**t” instead of using the experience to make herself a “stronger” professional. Okay then.

Who do U agree with more here? Watch Mua’s 30-minute story HERE and Cardi’s much shorter, much blunter response (below).

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