Bruno Mars Gets It On With Superfan in Playful Backstage Video

Bruno Mars has turned up the heat with a superfan for a funny video clip online.

The “Finesse” star has taken to Instagram to share footage of his backstage shenanigans with comedienne Luenell, after granting her wish to visit him backstage on Tuesday, October 23, during the first gig of his four-night run in Los Angeles.

The meeting took place months after Luenell posted a seductive public plea to Bruno on social media, telling him she just wanted to “look you in your eye, and tell you how much I adore you,” as she prepared to attend his Staples Center show.

“I just adore you, honey,” she gushed. “You’re the cutest thing ever and you’re so… talented it’s ridiculous.”

Her clip went viral and successfully caught Bruno’s attention, and the singer reposted the footage on his own page as he agreed to make her dream come true.

“I know who I’m singing to in L.A.! Can’t wait to see you,” he responded, signing off as “Your lil powerful Muh F**ka (sic),” a nickname Luenell had given him.

When the pair finally met on Tuesday, they poked fun at the backstage hook up by filming a hilarious video set to Bruno’s sexy tune “Straight Up & Down”.

The clip opened with Luenell and Bruno locking eyes across the corridor and proceeding to exchange flirtatious glances, which had the hitmaker jokingly fanning himself as red heart graphics floated across the screen.

They then got cosy as they danced closely together, with Luenell pretending to rub up against Bruno as he threw his hands up in the air.

“Bruno & Luenell together at last,” read a message at the end of the entertaining shoot.

“Be careful what you wish for @luenell,” Bruno captioned the post, alongside a kissy face emoji.

The funnywoman also uploaded the comedy clip to her Instagram page, and gushed about their backstage meeting.

“DREAMS DO COME TRUE,” she wrote, as she expressed her gratitude for an “exquisite night”.

“@brunomars you r the last of a dying breed of lil powerful MFs (sic),” she added. “I will LOVE u FOREVER!!!”

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