Ben Affleck & J.Lo’s Georgia wedding, reception & brunch were all outdoor

Y’all know that my favorite details about celebrity weddings involve food and the wedding cake. So it is with profound disappointment that I admit that I cannot find many details about the food or the cake at Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding. I’ve seen twenty articles devoted to the Savannah hotel where guests were staying, even information about the shuttle service and the outdoor brunch on Sunday. Tell me about the food! For the love of God. Anyway, here are more details about Bennifer’s Wedding Weekend:

Everyone wore white: ET has learned that guests for the couple’s second wedding at Affleck’s estate in Riceboro, Georgia are wearing white for Saturday’s big soiree. An eyewitness tells ET, “Guests were gathering at The Perry Lane Hotel [in Savannah] to head to Jennifer and Ben’s wedding.” The source added. “Everyone is dressed in white with most women in white dresses and gowns, and most men in white suits, a majority in linen material, but the dress code features a wide variety. Some men are in white shorts and sneakers and there is a female guest in a white fringe leather jacket and sparkly cowboy hat.”

The shuttle service: In fact, while guests were at the reception desk waiting for shuttles provided by Coastal Limo, a source tells ET that a hotel staff member entered the lobby and popped a bottle of champagne. When one wedding guest got their glass of champagne, the guest exalted, “I’m ready!” The source said guests provided their IDs before boarding the waiting shuttles. While they waited, guests snapped pictures to commemorate the moment.

A trolley service? After the ceremony, guests were transported from the main house to the reception via trolley service provided by Old Savannah Tours. Keeping things personal, the couple’s trolleys included custom JB vinyl was on the side of the rides. Sonja Oglesby, Group Services Coordinator at Old Savannah Tours, told ET, “The guests were all excited to be there and happy to be invited. Everyone was very happy and polite and happy for Jen and Ben.” She added, “We were excited for our trolleys and our drivers to be part of their celebration.”

Fireworks: Jennifer and Ben’s big day was capped off with an extravagant fireworks display. Whitesell, shared a video on her Instagram stories of a series of fireworks shooting into the night sky on her Instagram story. Along with the light show, the model wrote, “El Amor.”

Goodie bags. A source tells ET that wedding guests staying at The Perry Lane Hotel were welcomed with goodie bags in the straw nude material with a “JB” inscription in white script letters on the bag.

Ben and Jen remained cool, calm and collected all weekend: “Ben and Jen have been so gracious all weekend. They have been wonderful towards all the staff helping with the event, from the limo shuttle service company and beyond,” the source said. “You can tell how in love they are and how comfortable they are with each other. They can’t wait to continue to celebrate all weekend long with the people they love the most.”

[From ET]

The Mirror claims that the food was “Southern” style, roast chicken and pork chops maybe, with mac and cheese? I think that’s just a guess though. What I also find notable is that all of the wedding celebrations were outdoor, even the Sunday brunch. Outdoor wedding, wedding reception, wedding brunch… all in Georgia, in August. Up here in Virginia, it was pretty humid all weekend, although I think Georgia escaped the thunderstorms we got this weekend. But in Georgia, the humidity is no joke. I bet everyone felt kind of sticky.

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) August 20, 2022

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, On the J.Lo newsletter.

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