Bellamy & Clarke Will ‘Pair Up Again as Leaders’ in ‘The 100′ Season 6

Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor are dishing on the status of their characters, Bellamy and Clarke, respectively, in the upcoming season of The 100.

The co-stars, along with creator Jason Rothenberg, opened up in a new interview with TV Guide.

“This season starts with a little bit of a reckoning of some of the things that they went through last year, especially from Clarke’s side of things,” Jason said. “She left Bellamy to die and things like that. So they’ll definitely deal with that, but I think they both turn the page and figure out a way to be together on the same page. That’s when good things happen.”

Bob added that when season six begins, “the only way now is to start healing, that kind of emotional healing and building relationships back up.”

“I think they definitely are kind of pairing up again as the leaders, which is cool,” Eliza chimed in. “They’re basically having to wake people from cryo-sleep and catch them up to watch happened and basically very lightly explain to them that we’re on an entirely different planet and that Monty and Harper are gone.”

“They do try to approach it differently,” Jason revealed. “Monty at the end of last season in his sort of dying wish told them to be better, to be the good guys, and they’re going to try and do that. They’re really going to try and live up to that.”

The 100 returns to The CW at midseason in 2019.

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